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3 Stress-Relieving Ways 'Time Slot' Scheduling Transforms Dream Home Projects


While we strive to make it as straightforward as possible, there’s no denying that the process of building your dream home is complex and many-layered. In order to manage expectations and make sure it’s as smooth and stress-free as possible, we use a time slot scheduling system.

What is “time slot” scheduling?

Rather than having several projects starting up at once, we stagger our schedule so only one house is starting at a time. Think of it like a class schedule in school. While every class goes to the library, for example, if all the classes went to the library at the same time, that would be overwhelming. Instead, each class rotates through the library one time slot at a time. The same is true for us. While we have multiple projects going on at once–no project is in the same phase at the same time. This means two houses are never in the same part of the construction process, and therefore our employees and subcontractors aren’t spread too thin. This has several advantages:

Assured Start and Completion Dates

With our time slot scheduling system, you have increased predictability and reliability. Your start and anticipated end dates will be clear from the beginning. This makes any additional arrangements such as temporary housing, storage, or financial planning easy to predict and plan for. It also means that once a project reaches its start date–all of our resources go toward making that home a reality. This reduces the likelihood of delays from contractor overcommitment. 

Personalized Attention and Service

As mentioned above–we stagger our construction timelines. That means that once we start a project, that project gets the full attention of the subs and team members assigned to that phase. This translates to a better quality build. Traditionally, contractors and builders juggle multiple projects that are often in the same phase of construction, which can lead to delays in progress, decision-making, problem solving, etc. When a builder’s full attention is on one project at a time, it can move forward to the following phases more smoothly, and at a faster pace. 

Clients also have the ability to collaborate with the design and build teams in a more in-depth way. Rather than just one or two predetermined check-in meetings, clients are kept informed of the entire process from start to finish, and are invited into all aspects of decision-making.

Efficient Communication and Decision Making

Streamlined communication means less confusion, stress, and downtime. Plus, with a time slot schedule, there’s also no rush. Everything is presented so that clients have plenty of time to consider any and all options before making commitments. Whether that’s kitchen tile selections, siding options, or adding another bathroom, you won’t be pressured to make a decision in just a few minutes via phone call.


Our philosophy is that your Dream Home should be a dream to live in, but also a dream to build. Our time slot system allows you to manage expectations and rely on a schedule, which relieves a lot of the stress that is present in many more traditional building settings. 

If you’re ready to build your Dream Home, contact us today.

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